Posted by: @DrJackKing | August 20, 2009

Mix a little love with that flour and sugar!

Let me encourage you to visit Sarah’s website, Maverick Mom.  One of her recent posts, Cake, is especially scrumptuous.  Her post exudes wisdom as she teaches us the value of being present in the moment, even if alone while baking a great cake!

Sarah’s post brings back a flood of wonderful memories! My fondest relates the persistence and patience of my great aunt to her love for others and her desire for us to never stop learning. As a youngster, I would watch in awe as she would shake and shift, blend and stir countless ingredients to create the perfect cake—a peppermint candy cake (made from hand-crushed soft peppermint candy sticks)! Times deep in the hills of Tennessee were tough in those days; the family didn’t have much but you were certainly welcome to whatever was there. Peppermint candy sticks were a luxury. Perhaps for this reason her cakes were all the more delicious. No one loves peppermint more than me but I suppose the real reason those cakes tasted so good was because you were sure to find a generous helping of love mixed in with all of the flour and sugar.

I learned much from my great aunt during those infrequent visits to her rustic home in the hills. Among other things, I discovered the Joy of baking. More importantly, from her example, I learned to sift out the finer moments in life. There is a serenity of sorts concealed in the hustle and bustle of baking. In these precious moments, she reflected … and she shared. Serving others, even if it was with a piece of peppermint candy cake, took priority over her personal needs—she could always tend to those later.

Baking, I’m sure, gave her a way to find herself again, and to find her perpetual strength to continue lifting everyone else above the fray in their lives. My great aunt faced many struggles herself along the way (she is in her eighties now), but she always comes through with a smile and a warm heart—and, at times, a very yummy peppermint candy cake!

Thank you, Sarah for the warmth and love you cooked up in this post! I can’t wait to bake Miss Prather’s Pound Cake … and teach my own little girls a few lessons a very wonderful lady taught me long ago; among them, the importance of a smile and a warm heart filled to overflowing with love for others.



  1. I am floored and honored by your blog post. And thank you – thank you for lifting ME up and for loving Cake as much as I do. 🙂

    • Sarah, the pleasure is mine. Your writing is inspired; it touches the heart.

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